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yes they are part of it, i have forgotten to shoot the label attached to the jeans. i suppose that diesel is now exploring new printing washes giving a more faded and subtle look, a "hobo" style : herringbone, check..
received friday. size is 27X30 stiff denim, true to size. checked pattern, no distressing. denim is a little darker than pics.             very beautiful but do they worth 290 euros ?
8NE is tight especially in the thigh. Waist is true to size. 8b9 is looser everywhere. Got both pairs.
and sorry but the three jeans are size 27X30 ! you can notice the difference in lenght too. the longer is the thavar 802. No stacking fort he tepphar, since it does not give a nice fit with "leggings" jeans IMO.  
  from left to right : tepphar, thavar 802K, thavar 886B the darker and heavier : 886B   jeans weight is quite similar for the tepphar and the 802K. the latter seems lighter though. and the denim is quite different (802K cotton is dyed actually). belt is from diesel.
size 27X30 stretch, made in italy : the denim is thicker and stronger than in most tepphar washes explaining that it often looks thin and "cheap". not here in that wash. stretch, very comfy, like leggings... convenient for slim guys !!! especially if you ride bikes like me ! you do not feel the garnment. slight distressing and dirty areas at thighs. a copper button on the right back pocket. bought at Cultizm.
size 27X30        
yes when i am back home will create a thread for that
just have ordered the thavar 808Z (listed without wash code on ebay store) in size 27x30.they do not have much because the sizing is no longer available. probably will they list again in that size later but i did not want to take any risk... will post pics soon.   i have received the grey tepphar 807D stretch made in italy as well, i love grey or brown denim a lot, it's a very nice wash light distressing with dirty areas in the thigh. will post pics tonite when i am...
for sale : a pair of THANAZ 74K 28X30, never worn, without tag. actually i tried them then they was stored in my closet. made in italy. great wash sought after. never worn, never altered in any way. item shipped from paris, France price includes shipping. paypal only. check the other pairs i am selling.
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