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Do notforget to size down they stretch
FOR SALE mint condition stretch made in italy shipping 25 usd
mint condition stretch made in italy shipping 25 usd
stretch, made in italy mint condition item shipped from paris shipping 25 usd
Is this the thavar that's worthing 360 euros online ??
Got 40 jeans Thanazs thavars and 3 pairs of tepphars Most are grey/ black/dark and i wear them with moncler jackets ( i have 15 winter jackets from that brand) And a few blue denim ; my favorite pair being the 8x2.
Hi 30% off some jeans on diesel online store starting today considering buying the colored 801d thavar...
Hi Look the pics inseam is 30 and i am 1.72m tall with rather short legs. Cannot compare today with the 888p since i have bought them but i remember they were shorter for the same inseam. The jeans have the same lenght that the 886b though.
Second and fourth pics are really close to the jeans color in real life.
I am just discovering the new denimblog for iphone ! Whaou ! Great !
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