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Do u have size 27x30 ?
Some have been made in italy and some not Have a pair made in tunisia bTW nice plain wash
By the way Dequinha do you still sell jeans ? Remember i bought some pairs from you Yves
da ya know if those washes to be released soon at diesel online store ?
@locky il y a le THAVAR E COM sur diesel store (série spéciale seulment online) mais délavage bof... as tu trouvé le 810X à paris ? 
Best in quality - not speaking of high luxury brands like Hermes whose leather quality cannot be matched - are italian leather ; the best brand for that IMO is dolce gabbana ( not D&G). Opinion from a french guy considering that italian brands for men fashion are above all others.
i have a lot or moncler jackets and moncler grenoble ski jackets (close or over 1000 euros) but they are not made in italy but in east european countries like romania. most people think they are made in italy, it's only true for some accessories like gloves, scarf, beanies... or sweaters. anyway the jacket quality is amazing and close to excellence, especially grenoble jackets.
i would add that non MII jeans are achieving more and more qualitiy approaching the MII jeans quality (denim, distressing...), especially the last collection ; for instance washes 806M, 660Q, 803U...   besides non MII retail price is now close to the MII's. 
Thank you !
these are on sale on cultizm i am interested but do you think i should size down ; my usually size is 27x30 but these contain elastin. what is the difference with thanaz actually ? do you like the additional stitching on the front pockets ? thanks
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