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Yes they are different Any other color will match the 811 It will be very difficult for the 801
Thanks aramis but i need a 27x30 Not sure they will be release in france diesel salesman was dubious
do you know if they will be released on diesel store for europe ? can't wait buying them. i asked the diesel flagstore here in paris but they will carry that wash in krooley only.
Yeah i got 4s too...
Hi From my iphone photo album. I could upload more than a pic at a time, but for my latest posts it became impossible dont know why...
A great wash... Not available on diesel online european store though. A good example of MII art of state denim when you compare with non MII jeans still released !
Thavar 808Z with the flannel pattern, grey suede nike flytop sneakers, diesel belt very heavy made in italy
here are complementary pics. i have a problem with my iphone, i can upload only a pic at a time. the jeans are true to size, very slim though, but i suppose they will stretch. made in india, that's quite unusual, most diesels are made in tunisia or roumania when not MII. the cloth is thin and light, perfect for a diner at the restaurant ,or a party... i have not measured the inseam, but the jeans run a little longer that jeans with an inseam on the tag, it's...
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