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Today paris very cold Moncler wool jacket Thanaz 8QQ Tod's shoes
Have both jeans in 27x30 8880m light blue very easy to wear in spring summer the denim is very light and soft size down 880m do not wear them often since the jeans are VERY destroyed and i do not like the large white stains at hem, thought of making shorts last summer...
Cold weather today : Moncler barrhorn jacket ( a stylish ski jacket you can wear in town, i have many moncler down jackets in my closet !) Diesel tepphar 27x30 jeans UGG men boots soooo comfy !!!
Tepphar 807D Diesel belt Timberland boots
Do notforget to size down they stretch
FOR SALE mint condition stretch made in italy shipping 25 usd
mint condition stretch made in italy shipping 25 usd
stretch, made in italy mint condition item shipped from paris shipping 25 usd
Is this the thavar that's worthing 360 euros online ??
Got 40 jeans Thanazs thavars and 3 pairs of tepphars Most are grey/ black/dark and i wear them with moncler jackets ( i have 15 winter jackets from that brand) And a few blue denim ; my favorite pair being the 8x2.
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