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Thavar 808Z with the flannel pattern, grey suede nike flytop sneakers, diesel belt very heavy made in italy
here are complementary pics. i have a problem with my iphone, i can upload only a pic at a time. the jeans are true to size, very slim though, but i suppose they will stretch. made in india, that's quite unusual, most diesels are made in tunisia or roumania when not MII. the cloth is thin and light, perfect for a diner at the restaurant ,or a party... i have not measured the inseam, but the jeans run a little longer that jeans with an inseam on the tag, it's...
Thavar-A is a plain dark wash, a blend of cotton and elasthan for an evening in town. They will match a suit or a leather jacket. Very light denim, run true to size. Slimmer than other thavars though.
Thank you Aahr... Even if pics taken with the iphone facing the mirror are often underexposed (for these jeans the detail pics are close to reality regarding the color) . Happy to "help" in jeans buying decision anyway, have decided to buy some jeans after reading denimblog reviews as well...
Thanks Got them both great thick denim and fit for both !
Check cultizm they have the tepphar grey wash made in italy sold also on diesel online store made in italy stretch so comfy+++ some alterations with darker areas
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