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Still for sale ?
I noticed these grey jeans on diesel store. They are a blend of cotton, lyocell and elathan so i suppose comfy and stretched. May i have your opinion and whoever have bought them should give information about the fit especially if compared to thavar/thanaz, thanks !
Krooley 811p diesel europe online store are available now They will not carry the thavar though
Tanpi 2 tte facon g un pot a lasvegas ki ma hter une pair sur diesel us et.g dois la recevoir bientot Mais g eu la confrmation pas de vente ds les mag
Il avait des long 30?
@edouard69 Tu l'a vu chez diesel ? Parceka paris il ne lautont pas en magazin ma dit le responsable et il doutai quil apparaisse sur le site online.
Hi everybody A froend is asking me about these jeans listed in diesel online store , all size available so that i think nobody buy them !!! If ever someone has bought a pair i would appreciate his opinion, thanks
Too shiny ? No stretch ? U r kidding !
Yeah that's the way luxury brands work to raise customers interest and desire to get items not easily available. Moncler works that way as well.
ok but tell me one thing : diesel knows that the thavar cut is very popular and they probably know that the 811 wash will be  a hit. or curiously in France they have choosen to sell the krooley in that wash only ? and it will not be released on the online store if i trust the diesel flagship store manager i have spoken to ?
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