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Actially i have not worn them until now they are very thin and light an here in paris morning temperatures are around 0• But the denim is very dry so i suppose they will stretch but not sooo much may be +1 size
Asos : only inseam 32 and 34, waist starts at 28
I like the camo shoes matching the jeans pattern Pretty sure they will be a hit for japonese people !!!
Bit tepphars are so easy to wear, they all are made with spandex so you fell very comfy especially if you ride a motorbike as i do
Could be called giraffe print denim llol
they are available at diesel paris flagship store
@aramis yes and a pity that the 811P won't be sold in europe, according to the diesel staff of the flagship store i have spoken with. I have bought a piair with a proxy in the usa...
If you are interested in fashion you should as written here that brands like raph lauren produce low quality garnments to be sold in outlets. You can be against that but that's it. I suppose that jeans sold online are top quality whether they are made in italy or not.
Diesel flagship store manager confirmed they will not carry the thavar 811p : they will carry this wash in klookey.
@yanek that's weird, i ask them lately and they confirmed they would not carry that wash. i have ordered some jeans with them, they always reply accurately with quick communication and they sell fast. i do not work for them ;)
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