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Which stores ? Can't find any
really nice pics indeed ! the jeans are not released on disel store for europe. does anybody knows when they will show up ? i called diesel stores in paris, but curiously they told me that krooley is the only cut they will carry in this wash
811P is eventually a mix of 801C for the blue jean color and 8NE for the extreme fading on thigh. after considering pics of all new releases i have decided myself for the travar .COM online exclusive.
@Raj : you are right and the fading seems really weird when looking at the jeans from the side.
With 10 per cent off ! Already ? I am a bit upset with this almost white area in the thigh. Contrast with the blue denim is not that good. The blue reminds me the 801c. I have decided to pick the thavarECom the wash is more subtle and the denim nicer.
Allright !
Off topic but i am selling 9 diesel belts size 85 all made in italy if someone can tell me how to ad them in the marketplace with an iphone i have been trying for half an hour... Thanks in advance !
I wonder who here in the forum guys would choose the thavar ECOM rather than the 811 ? Washing and dirt seems to be more balanced in the former jeans.
Yes they are different Any other color will match the 811 It will be very difficult for the 801
Thanks aramis but i need a 27x30 Not sure they will be release in france diesel salesman was dubious
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