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I never wash my jeans. Never.
you cannot avoid white areas (for instance behind the knee) when you wear black jeans especially if they are slim/skenny since cloth friction is very important, following folding move of the legs. I have some black washes in thanaz for instance (81E, 8XE) very nice but white strip areas appear even if you hand the pants when not wearing them. however i have two pairs of black faded jeans (thanaz 8QQ) with subtle almost yellow areas (and yellow seams) that have not...
Hi I recently tried a pair of shioner 600R and was consedering buying a pair since i loved color and fit, i use to wear only skinny/slim jeans. What is puzzling me though is the extra seam in front starting from the pocket and directing downward. When i tried a pair the salesman told me that they were making the jeans more sexy. I wonder why ? Is it because of the seam direction, lol, or another reason. Girlfriends use to talk about sexy jeans when they give you a nice...
I got a pair Fading is very nice and subtle And yes they worth the price : denim is heavy, they are made in italy and fading is art of state. The only thing is that they are real summer pair and you cannot imagine wearing them before may and after octobre (i live in paris !) I have posted pics in a relevant topic in the forum some weeks ago.
Tepphar 803E nike flytop Moncler Aubin down jacket
70 usd each price reduced if you pick more than one pics in the "what diesel are you wearing today" page 921/922 mistakenly all same size and made in italy very good condition some are very very heavy top notch quality most were purchased at ssense shipping 30 usd pm for details  
Tepphar 886A discounted at yoox 26x30 Moncler Zin jacket Converses sweat from Undercover Uniqlo
i got a pair of 810X but i am french. french people like fancy clothes, like the sun and fashion; the wash is amazing, with fading, yellowish areas. they will perfectly match summer jackets since SS2013 colors are the dark blue, black, khaki,and white.
Some very heavy. Top quality craftmanship. Most have been bought online at Ssense.
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