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I am wondering why diesel online store US offers jeans waist sizing from 26, when it starts from 27 for europe. Same comment about garnments for instance jacket is offered from XS in the usa, S in europe. Cultizm often has size 26, when asos or ssense only carry size 28 to start, and only L32 for ssense. Why ? I do not think that european and american people has different measurements statistically speaking : i have always been told that american adults were tall, not...
yes have replied you by pm thanks
Hi can you sell me the tepphar 887v 27x30 This is yves from paris you have bought used jeans from me
en 26 il existe ? il est taille haute ? et lentrejambe c'est 30 ou 32 ? merci
Ou 27x32 ?
Tu peux avoir un 888P en 27x30 ?
Please let me know when uou get the 811P
Hi interested if they have a pair in 27x30 let me know guys ! Looking for tepphars as well even in 26 waist
Yes in 27x30 for a friend along with a black tepphar.
I am willing to do that as well. And i would order jeans available on dieEl store us if someone can proxy for me. Pm if anybody living in the usa can do that
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