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Ou 27x32 ?
Tu peux avoir un 888P en 27x30 ?
Please let me know when uou get the 811P
Hi interested if they have a pair in 27x30 let me know guys ! Looking for tepphars as well even in 26 waist
Yes in 27x30 for a friend along with a black tepphar.
I am willing to do that as well. And i would order jeans available on dieEl store us if someone can proxy for me. Pm if anybody living in the usa can do that
since some washes are sold only in the usa when others will be available only in europ, could we imagine that forum members could serv as a proxy ? payment being made with paypal are safe and secure, and it works the same way that when we are selling jeans, the delivery time from order to the proxy must just be added. i can be myself a proxy for anyone outside europe that wish to order a special cut of wash. the jeans are bought and delivered to my address and then i...
27x30 pour moi et tepphar si vous aver
non je fais 27 et thanaz tepphar thavar et meme 27 en tepphar c'est un peu large ca se détend à cause élasthane j'e met du 26 aussi dans cette coupe ! alors 28, non !
Egalement les tepphar merci
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