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Tepphar 886Z
Hi everybody Have received a pair of thavar 811P 27x30 and tepphar 886z 26x30 black jeans Nothing to add to the numerous comments about the thavar, the fading is very nice and contrast between white and blue very subtle. Ordered with the help of a friend living in las vegas. Jeans delivered at his address then he shipped them out to france. Will post fit pics later.
I have been told by the diesel staff in paris that the joggjeans sold must be warned as fake due to the special texture of denim and color very easy to copy.
@hugosp check my ads, selling very nice made in italy diesel belts   regarding scotch and soda brand : their cargo shorts are topnotch for summer. i wear 'hem every summer in saint-tropez, but sometimes i prefer a pair of cut off denim shorts : levis or ralph lauren  
8qq thavar got three pairs faded with yellow seams, sweet denim 8xo plain made in italy but a little too stiff 81e with elastin so easy to wear Thavar A and tepphar A from current collection with elastin : light for summer, and cheap. I love black and grey jeans !
Was considering the inseam first...
U surprised but check out u will see i am right !
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