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For your information big department stores like galeries lafayette or le printemps in paris offer 40 to 50% off doesel jeans and the whole collection at biannual sales.
Leaving for dining with friends in st trop' : french casual, zadig voltaire t shirt, 811P jeans, vanssneakers, rolex watch. Diesel stud belt.
Easter holidays in sainte maxime across saint tropez. Mostly sunny but sometimes cloudy with showers. Starting to the beach with a pair of cut 8x2. I know its a pity cutting the jeans but i had two pars in 27x30 so its not the big deal...
hi if you are interested pm me i am selling a lot all size 85/34 all M.I.Italy, or check the marketplace
If you looking for basic plain black jeans, diesel sells online thavar-a tepphar-and tepphar 884K i have the three of them very comfy since they have elastin with cotton. The thavar is slimmer than other washes though.
80 centimeters 
@vikd size 27x30 @levishad thank you ! Hope the day will be as sunny as today !
And another pic.
New pics in my hotel room in london. Will run the marathon sunday.
Je rentre de saint tropez dans 10 jours je te tac a mon retour
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