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Thavar 814M 270€ already sold out online in small sizes... Crisis ? What crisis ?
thanaz funerals confirmed, only one wash for the season to come...
the thavar 814K is too contrasted too much bleached parts and the large destroyed patch on the side is way too large IMO.
just have ordered the tepphars 602S and 813W great jeans ! wanted the thavar 814M but no W27 available at this time... have a nice shopping !!!
New thavars and tepphars are really great what a craftman work on the jeans ! Worth the 270€ they retail !!! Unfirtunately thavar starts from w28.
Do you know when new season jeans will be released online at diesel store. I checked out at once but i dont know if jeans listed without code wash figures are new for instance a black thavar with yellow stiches stretch ?
Everybody knows that there's no crisis ; we have always enough money spared to buy diesels
I confirm thanaz will be discontinued after next AW season. Paris doesel staff confirmed. I agree with some that the thavar cut is waaayyy easier to wear. Like any other slim jeans. Thanaz had it's own personnality. But the sagging...
804k like all tepphars stretch a lot ; i always take W26 when available.
By the way have you noticed some diesel jeans incl. 660q listed on ebay by fontauroi ? Bid starts at 1 usd !!!
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