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allright but if my usual size is 27, which size will i pick : 26 or 27 ??? are they really comfy ?
hi what is the actual color of these joggjeans if someone have seen them IRL, the denim seems to be black color with dark blue stitches ? how do they fit ? have heard we must size down on these ? thanks
Usual way... Stacks in the closet. Tepphar, thavar, thanaz.
Does anyone have the new Tepphar 602S yet?   http://store.diesel.com/nl/carrot_cod36428350ls.html   I am really curious to 'real life' pictures of these jeans! have ordered them today along with three other washes (anotehr tepphar and a thavar) and will post pics as soon as i receive them.
small sizes (waist and lenght) already sold out online for the tepphar thavar thanaz AW 13/14 nicest washes !!!
thanaz 660Q from the AW 12/13 collection mint condition hardly worn never washed nor altered or hemmed shipping 25 usd shipped from paris
Edouard Salut il on du 27 ou 26x30 dans ta boutik sur le dite tt es deja presq vendu ???
@audit30 The thavar 816n was already released last winter season the code wash was different and they were made in italy. If the former wash was amazing the new one looks really cheaper..
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