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size down one size like all the thavars with thick denim they will stretch one size at least
I am bored with blue jeans ( except great washes like 8x2) that's the reason why i love grey/brown/ black/ yellow colors. Thanks to diesel they are releasing more and more each season; they fit other clothes nicely especially when you want to have a cool vintaged look.
Go get'em all !
Pics taken with my iphone at noon by the window cloudy weather color as real Teppher is skinny when thavar is slim. Tepphars fit like leggings. Diesel call the cut "carrot" since there is a little room in the thigh but tight below knee. But imo leggings is the most appropriate word they are very comfy since there is stretch material. You need to have a thin body with no large thighs and a nice butt to wear them the nicest way !!!
Delivered today. Size is 27x30. Great yellow/ish faded green denim. Denim is thin and stiff usually tepphars are thin and soft. Cool ! True to size. Actually i usually pick 26 but i have never noticed a difference between 26 and 27 except for very thin tepphars ( grey and black one for instance). Anyway 26 not available at diesel europe online site, only for us market.
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