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Hi Stick to your usual size, cloth is light and will stretch a little, it's a mix of cotton and linen.
thanks phukette for your advice.
Have bought the trpphar 824b and both jeans look similar, dark denim actually But the tepphar has whiskering.
Sold at cultizm dark denim does someone tried them ? My tepphar size is 27 they carry the jeans from size 26 must i size down, thanks
Do not forget that tepphars stretch since they are a blend of cotton and elathan. That makes them very comfy. I have definitively stopped to buy only cotton made jeans.
***PRICE DROP$$$PRICE DROP$$$PRICE DROP***   hi   I am selling the following pairs : THANAZ 880F 27X30 dark blue THANAZ 8QQ 28X30 black with yellow stitchesTWO PAIRS THANAZ 8880K 27X30 SS2013 collection THAVAR 8B9 27X30  THANAZ 813Z 27X30 last winter collection THAVAR 803U 27X30 AW2012/2013 collection THAVAR 802K grey 27 THANAZ 8LP 27X30  THANAZ 8S9 27X30 dark green/black THANAZ 888Q 27X30   all jeans are in mint condition, most have been barely worn. they...
You can return them free with ups pick up. Contact them with the return form. It works perfectly.
thavar 811P made in italy barely worn, mint condition. 27x30 never hemmed nor altered nor washed. from last summer collection. shipped from Paris with tracking. pm for pics or pryv75@gmail.com
yes i have a very HIGH opinion of myself, i am FRENCH ! UGLY is a word barely written in the forum, only bad people use it at denimblog. so disappointed you could be bad yourself.
@freeradical I have a string aversion to any comment you post. May i remind you that somebody taste does not represent everybody taste but i am french, i live in paris, and french taste is among the best taste in fashion around the world (with italian of course).
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