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My sleenker size is 27 when denim is heavy (830J) but for this wash denim serms thinner do you think i should size down (26 is my tepphar size but tepphar's waist is loose) Thank you
I agree thavrs from the last collections are larger now all allong the leg compared to the former one. Thavar joggjeans are slimmer though. Sleenkers are skinny and tepphars slim carrot. Thavar (except jjeans) and tepphar waist sucks, almost always too wide. Thats the reason why i definitely pick thav jjeans and sleenkers.
among the skinny and slim jeans Sleenker is the only cut with waist true to size. waist does not change whatever the wash, at the difference of tepphars and thavars for instance. that's good to know. I am a bit tired in diesel jeans waist variation. I love slim jeans, i have the morphology to wear 'em, i wish diesel could design a new cut with waist and upper legs like sleenkers and lower part and leg opening like tepphars. (sleenker leg opening is just a bit tight IMO). a...
I think so but the cut is new to me so that i dont know about the stretch factor though. Denim is thick more than for the tepphers which stretch a lot but some washes.
definitely thick but soo comfy
Received today from cultizm with the discount Very nice pair of faded blue very homogeinous fading accorded to the lighter alterations Size is 27x30 they fit perfectly (my usual size is 26 in thavars and tepphars). The sleenkers are tighter in the waist compared to tepphars. Definitely my skinny cut !
They do not stretch out that much they are a little tighter in the waist than tepphars (i pick 26 in tepph and 27 in sleek). Leg opening should be a little wider though but i agree this is a great cut.
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