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Delivered today. Size is 27x30. Great yellow/ish faded green denim. Denim is thin and stiff usually tepphars are thin and soft. Cool ! True to size. Actually i usually pick 26 but i have never noticed a difference between 26 and 27 except for very thin tepphars ( grey and black one for instance). Anyway 26 not available at diesel europe online site, only for us market.
allright but if my usual size is 27, which size will i pick : 26 or 27 ??? are they really comfy ?
hi what is the actual color of these joggjeans if someone have seen them IRL, the denim seems to be black color with dark blue stitches ? how do they fit ? have heard we must size down on these ? thanks
Usual way... Stacks in the closet. Tepphar, thavar, thanaz.
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