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Inside front pocket lining is different between right and left.
Have received today my pair in 27x30. Great details inside. Loose waist and the denim is not stiff so they will stretch for sure.
660 72 and 8x2 sold
Hi Phukette they are lighter without alterations. Diesel pics are rather accurate. Once you have tried those jjeans you are reluctant to wear cotton jeans and non jj thavars, since the joggjeans are way slimmer especially in lower leg.
True color in real life
Fit like gloves. Size 26. Faded grey with whiskering.
yeah these jeans are lited on ebay, quite different from the diesel online store pics where denim looks like a faded blue. well i think i will order them tomorrow<; if I am not satisfied i will return them.
My experience with tepphars (i have got around ten) is that they all will stretch, whatever the wash, especially when denim is thin i.e. The grey ones. I suppose these wont stretch as much. Have you seen them in real ?
hi everybody,   I wish to buy these jeans, if ever my size is still available since they are selling fast on the diesel store but I wonder if someone have seen them in real life and could confirm that the denim is darker, like the pairs sold on ebay, when the pair pictured on the diesel store online appears more like a faded blue… what is the true color ? thank you !
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