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yes i have a very HIGH opinion of myself, i am FRENCH ! UGLY is a word barely written in the forum, only bad people use it at denimblog. so disappointed you could be bad yourself.
@freeradical I have a string aversion to any comment you post. May i remind you that somebody taste does not represent everybody taste but i am french, i live in paris, and french taste is among the best taste in fashion around the world (with italian of course).
You are welcome I dont know if diesel has overproduced jeans but at diesel stores and big deparment stores in paris all jeans are discounted by 40 or. 50% and all sizes in waist and lenght were available.
Bought a few days ago. Sales has started and the jeans were discounted 40%. 240€ instead of 400. Dont need any superlatives these jeans are probably in the top five of diesel washes. Size is 26 they will stretch a lot. Feel is like leggings inside.
Sales will start january 8th and i confirm that tons of dieEl jeans will be discounted asmuch as 50% off whatever the store : big department store or diesel store. And the smallest sizes will be available. Diesel like other fashion brands overproduce years after years and as a results there is a lot of choice during the sales. They should not be missed.
I notice that most of you continue to prefer tepphars to sleenkers. That's my opinion as well. The latter are really too skinny all along the garnment but if u size up they will fit very bad.
I was joking actually. Life in paris expensive but i am proud to live this city with a beautiful view on the Arc de Triomphe through the windows:) By the way i have this wash, really nice. And u are right about the holes !
@rcom Your taylor is not rich Here in Paris any repair starts at 30€...
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