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For sale : THANAZ 8FO STRETCH AS NEW THAVAR 809D THANAZ 660Q  sold THANAZ 72C sold all in mint condition, barely worn. 50USD each plus 30 usd shipping from paris, France. other pics on request.
made in italy. mint condition. `shipping 30usd from paris, France.
Thavar 802K made in italy. mint condition. 30 USD shipping from Paris, France.
for sale a pair of thavar 8X2 as new, worn less than 5 times. 27X30. never washed, altered or hemmed. Shipping is 30 USD. shipped from Paris, France. 
I wanted to buy a jacket from him on ebay : he asked me to pay abd then to choose the size. Really weird. I canceled the purchase. Usually you choose the size and you pay.
Imo you should try the shioners and safados. Also Jeans you wear on the pics have an inseam way too long. You have thick hips you must hide ; you can't even do that with carrot cut. Good luck !
Batch # is most important as wall.
Have bought the leshar joggjeans jacket online size XS. Soft denim which will stretch for sure.
Never buy jackets with side pockets not zipped.
@edenal Loose waist and will stretch more. 26 for tepphars especially thin denim 26 or 27 for thavars. 26 if elastin or polyester 27 if 100% cotton... But sometimes it depends from the wash.
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