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Delivered today at my clinic so i will post fit pics only this weekend. Washes are great !!! And regarding the thavar sooo different IRL compared to online store pics. I am a great fan of tepphars but i suppose i wont be disappointed when i try the sleenker let you know soon !
Hi sanibeldude Thank you for this comprehensive review will buy a pair butmay i ask something : i have read somewhere that the new thavars ran longer ; is it true for this wash ? Thx
Unfortunately not living in canada otherwise would have be pleased to help you out. I think these jeans to be available in france though.
Thanks. If i am not mistaken reboots are joggjeans and there are joggjeans which aren't rebooted ?
Hi I have spotted jeans called "reboot" there is a black tepphar that seems interesting. Why are they called "reboot" ? Thanks !
Isn't that funny : diesel models for the summer collection wear shoes when for winter they were barefoot ...
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