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Thanks to Phukette review and advice recommending sizing down and to a mate from usa allowing to order a size 26 ( my usual size being a 27, i live in france and size starts from 27 here and online)... I ordered and received the jeans in 26x30. Yes the jeans are loose in size (i still have room around my waist). The denim is very soft and light and stretches naturally even if they are made with cotton only. The color is dark blue with yellow, dark grey and rust-like areas...
I suppose your msg is once again directed against me : it is the second time you reply aggressively... May be you do not bear french people ? I hope i will never mert you in any way, in the way you are talking you are scary at hell !
Size down ! The large destroyed patch on the hip is really ugly IMO that's the reason why i havent bought the jeans.
Pardon : medecin urgentiste
Exact je suis médecin urgente je travaille dans une société d'assistance près de paris c'est très bien paye plus qq gardes dans une structure de type sos médecin et j'habite paris la plus belle ville du monde..
Each time i start a post about tepphar NE joggjeans you get angry at me you say the topic has already be discussed. Do not understand why.
Hey dude calm down will you ? I am a doctor so that i suppose i know how to search. I have been doing that all my life.
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