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Hi send me your offer for a pair size 27x30 incl. Shipping to france, thank you
Yes you are right color is similar (grey faded denim) but as long as i can remember the QP had no whiskerings and material is completely different ; 8QP is made with stiff denim when the JJ is soft, stretchy, and so comfy...
I have created a thread about the grey joggjeans 830Q a month ago with fit pics.
If you buy joggjeans size down 1 or 2. They stretch out and waist is loose.
hi I have normal thavars and joggjeans thavars. the latter are slimmer and inseam is shorter. they are very comfy denim is sweet and they will stretch out more.
Yes why 400€ when the 608T black is 290€ ? Personnaly i will never pay more than 300€ excepted for leather pants.
I am selling these jeans as well. Mint condition, never washed, altered or hemmed. shipping from paris (fees must be added depending on the place you live). THANAZ 8QQ TWO PAIRS 28/30 MADE IN ITALY COTTON ADI THANAZ GREY 8HD MADE IN ITALY COTTON THANAZ 73N 28X30 BLUE JEANS IMPORTED
hi I am selling the following diesel slim and skinny jeans. all in mint condition, barely worn, never washed, hemmed or altered. other pics on request. I have sold jeans to two denimblog members lately, they can confirm that i sell jeans in mint condition and that I ship quickly. check my feedback as well. this is an update of previous ads since some jeans has been sold. each jeans sold 60 usd except the thavar 808Z sold 100usd. jeans are shipped from paris and...
Definitely yes if a pair in 26 had been available i would have bought it.
Weenie pics are far better than mine i only have an iphone Yes like 829B in dark grey, charcoal and black.
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