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@ Hawk and Denimaddict thank you very much for your opinion guys !
this is one of my last cartoon, enoy !
Hi everybody,   Besides my job as a doctor, I have been drawing for years, my recent cartoons are presented on my website http://www.prada.paris I am not connected in any way with the Prada fashion brand though, but Prada is my family name and I live in Paris actually. You can watch my work on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKOAiKurC14, as well. Do not hesitate to comment, should you appreciate the drawings or not ! I also love fashion, dancing (I am a good...
White color sucks were are in 2015 now wear black. Happy new year from paris tonight is crazy here !!!
Got them both tepphar and sleenker go for the sleenker they fit better and are true to size whatever the wash... For tepphar it is like the thavers the fit vary with the wash you never know. The only thing if you pick the sleenkers is that they are slimmer in the waist so size up 1 and they fit like leggings so it is not for anybody and leg opening is smaller you can encounter problem for matching shoes. Forget the boots converses and wear them with stan smith air force...
@denimcollector Hi, no i have not that problem there is no twist.
Same for me.26 in tepphars thavars but i size up 1 for sleenkers. I love that cut i have ended up in buying sleenkers and thaver joggjeans way slimmer than usual thavars.
Yes he has listed but no jeans in W26 or 27 !
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