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Tepphar 845F is already on sale at cultizm !!!
Another weird detail about the made in italy thing is that the retail price is rather low : 180€ when diesel MII usual retail price is above 200€ at least
Anyway i have a lot of diesel jeans made in italy and all but this one have the italian flag stitch.
I confirm that i have received the tepphar 845F from cultizm in size 26x30 tag reads made in italy but there is no italian flag stitch. Good to see that cultizm offers size 26 i also bought from them the sleenker 670q evergreen thick denim very stretchy and the black faded tepphar 666Q
@Dieselicious  I agree with you, for me the washing must be the same in front and back, and even on the whole jeans. These jeans front is splendid, wish it could be the same behind
have listed two pairs starting 1.00 euro, no reserve, ID is fontauroi enjoy biding !!!
Hi I have reviewed the tepphar some weeks ago check in the forum Expensive jeans but worth it a must have pair. Probably the best wash for the season
@thekid13 Sorry i am on vacation until march 3rd. But the cloth is very thin and they will stretch for sure.
Yeah fourth pic from top the most accurate color
Hi everybody,   Ordered and received two pairs yesterday :    the tepphar 839N, plain grey jeans for everyday, nothing special but I was missing grey jeans, the denim is thin as in most tepphar washes not made in Italy... will stretch +2 probably so I picked my usual size 26X30, thank you Cultizm.   the tepphar 839B is more interesting - and far more pricey (300 euros, I picked the last pair in 27X30 at diesel store online). the denim is thicker and very soft, with...
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