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sounds like something dolce & gabbana would have. was it a tube dress?
hm that's strange, did someone send you a response as to why you were refunded? did you happen to order the yellow bubble hem dress? i know for some of the dresses they mismarked the sizes (used xs, s, m, l instead of 2,4,6,8,10) since I ordered one of those and the rep called me a couple days later asking me what size I wanted. i've already had superb customer service from regents but their return process is a bit slow.
I'm with you luckee on all accounts - finals are kicking my ass, upper div bio sucks (but I'm almost done!!), lack of sleep is making me quite irritated by the little things, and i have an interview tomorrow that i need to prepare for all while studying for my last final on saturday! oh and i did worse on my one of my finals than expected, grades just came out. BOOOO.
I tried this on in black and it wasnt flattering at all =(( That's quite unfortunate because it was a beautiful top and I would've loved to add it to my wardrobe! The teal is GORGEOUSS though and I'm sure it looks great on you! Hope someone can find this for you!
~3.59 for regular (Sac, CA) last time I filled up my dad's car
Yea, google is awesome. Also, if you dont have it set to do it automatically, make sure you charge the person's card =)
Quote: Originally Posted by omfg x its kristen ... i forgot that i havent been on here in a long time. i actualy had a miscarriage.. i was depressed and went MIA. not something i like to talk about. but just letting you know im not pregnant and wearin a short dress like that around. sorry to hear about the miscarriage. *HUGS* you're a gorgeous, gorgeous girl who I'm sure would look great in everything so I have to agree with Laurie, you are...
^ i did as well (minus the high-paying part because the lack-of a dress doesnt even look expensive). i'm all for looking sexy but in a more classy way. *shrugs* btw happy birthday OP!
I saw this episode too (and all the other episodes). Did anyone else find her husband (probably ex-husband now) really attractive in the nice-cool-smart-guy sort of way? I couldn't stop looking at the screen when they had the camera on him *embarassed* guest - is Ray the guy in the purple? He was soooo sincere, totally down-to-earth, and really loves his wife! i'm glad he left with money!
prices are up there, two years ago, $20 could get you a plain spaghetti =X
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