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I liked the DIESEL Keever Jeans which Darnoc has suggested. Looks better as compared to the other one.
Hi there, the bag looks pretty nice to me. It looks authentic but I may not be the right person to assure you. Check out the LV official online store if that helps. All the best!
Hi dzondlo, did you Google it? I'm sure there our many online stores which have nice quality slim fit tops and are in your price range. Share with us when you get the one .
Are you really fixed on leather? I’ve got a Briggs & Riley messenger bag that really looks great and which may suit your purposes. It has some great features that help me keep organized. You didn’t exactly mention whether you wanted your messenger bag primarily to carry your laptop or whether you’re looking for any special functional features. My Go Messenger bag has a removable, padded laptop sleeve which fits my 15” laptop. The laptop sleeve is checkpoint friendly so I...
New Posts  All Forums: