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Quote: Originally Posted by Casiotech ooooo i see but the joke is on NAV because target employs more negros than the wal you see target is owned by the FRENCH and since i live in miami all the haitians here are french (or formally french controlled) so they are really a lot more likely to be hired than the cubans because the staff speaks in creole whereas walmart still employs a fair bit of caucasians and still feels like a part of the good ol...
this is a far better thread about a far better forum member: http://www.honestforum.com/hf-chat/1...ga-thread.html
lame thread about a lame forum member
Quote: Originally Posted by Casiotech 90% of everything is marketing and advertising/branding just look at the shitty quality of dior jeans i would make that 95%. and with the fitness and weight loss industry, i would make that 99%.
i wouldn't be surprised if that's true and the perceived quality is all marketing, but at least it's still chump change. [MOD EDIT - THAT IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, NAV]
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 here is better pic. thanks for your opinion. i tried not to take personally, i did for a slight second but I can't believe people are actually giving out advice here. I swear it been like pulling teeth lately, lol. its summer, tees work. i have plenty of button up that I actually like and want to have darted. I am not of fan of wasting money. I can't imagine droping 100+ on shirts, based soley on the fit when...
i think the last thing anyone here needs is sand_dolphin2's approval
i know target is more expensive than walmart, but the extra price is chump change and is worth the ease of mind in knowing that i got a product of higher quality.
well, i guess i shouldn't break my promise. plus, i had to upload it for the doomed couple anyway. click here for evidence that NAV is a sellout. bunch of forced mixes in the first 20 minutes, but it gets KICKASS after that. play this at your next party and it'll be 1999 all over again.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryan24 Several years of music theory and wikipedia say its 3 half steps between relative major and minor keys Relative key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ryan, check your keyboard. relative minor is 3 half-steps below and relative major is 5 half-steps above. stayed up all night to finish the mix. i don't know...does anyone even care to listen to a mix of shit music? otherwise, i can't be bothered to upload...
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