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hey you know, what other stuff does the retail place you work at carry? can you see where i'm going here
i do jean wearing-in for $50 a week, please feel free to pm me your details...i am highly selective of my clientele so only natural indigo need apply. okay okay respect. no quarrels about the nudies.
oh imissed out APC, how could i, they're my favourite for low price point + superb denim and construction
whoa now you're loaded! what sucks about these brands is that they're not as ubiquitous as diesel and seven for example...you can't find them on ebay lurking for 80 bucks. if i'm want to be looking for a pair of eternals, i'm going to have to pay full retail on those things. i think the quarrel isn't with the cost, it's with the sheer volume. a pair of nudies is more than enough i reckon under normal circumstances. then move on to explore other cheaper and more...
they are evisu
defensive! offensive! i'll start: imperial dukes, worn or raw they both are done nice, rag&bone... or 45rpm! you could have bought 2 pairs of sorahiko with that cash. but no hate man, you've got your new jeans and i'm envious of that as it is. i'm still hunting for a good second pair.
APC new standards? worn nearly everyday the last two months.
advan031--what's the alternative to the rescues you're considering?
hahaha it's more recognisable when said in dialect: bak chor mee. also singapore is home to one of the 6 cdg guerrilla stores in the world. i need some recommendations. dry indigo jeans, no pocket markings, straight like New Standards, slim, inexpensive. don't mind a higher rise, but not too high. i know i nearly just about described eternal 811s, but what else is there? i've checked and i need to pay 235 for 811s shipped, which isn't quite the price i was...
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