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http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Bummer-Clothing suspicious prices! a user posted this link on styleforum and it looked too good to be true. HFers please chime in. M60 jeans.
SFAM GCW is actually SFAM x GCW. and comparing GCW to CDG is doing comme des garcons such a disservice.
i'd do the same size as the zathans (the non-stretch kind).
Quote: Originally Posted by csirip DAY ONE. DIE DIOR BITCH lucky shit!
happy drunk! i think i grow mutant powers when i get drunk...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tonee Just leave the stain, it makes the jeans look unique. would you actually do that? i wouldn't. it tends to make the jeans look daft.
thanks advan031 too. forgot where it was.
a dark denim blazer is very hot indeed. make sure it's dark.
the 45rpm site had an article which dealt with fixing your well-loved jeans. inside patching seems to be the way to go as well.
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