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i dont know anything about proteins im just going to get the next one thats rated well on slickdeals.com lol
and either the beach body forum is bizarre or really hilarious or both i dont really get it. i just went there for the first time the other day and i was trying to enjoy this girls thread but this weird guy keeps posting pictures in her thread for some reason. School of X! - Topic Powered by eve community kinda weird
im going to buy some protein powder here momentarily probably. i saw a 5lb tub at amazon.com for like $34 which was supposed to be a good deal but the flavor was supposed to be bad!!!! just eating a chicken breast has about the same amount of protein as a scoop of these protein shakes though im not big on supplements. it seems like im getting reasonable results for only doing shit for 10 days. im like 6'2" 170lbs so i dont really have any weight to lose i just want to...
at the risk of sounding like a homosexual i'm on day 11 today. youll be surprised how much easier week 2 is compared to week 1. week 1 i was pausing constantly and near death but week 2 ive been going through it straight through. i cant necessarily do that many more reps or more weight but getting through it is a lot easier than it was after even just one week. a word of warning for tomorrows plyometrixxx - make sure you have proper footwear or your legs will be busted...
i liked how he told us that we could expect washington to be bipartisan as long as the republicans agree with pelosi/reid/obama otherwise he isnt interested in talking to you
im assuming theres an italy tie in somehow
have to disagree with applebees. $4 basket of wings at 10pm on sunday is not bad.
havent you guys seen "bolt" she was adorable the way she was sad for the dog but the dog didnt know it because of timing issues
are you related to "before_dishonor" or do you guys just go to the same elementary school
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