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where is "dave" btw?
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP I will stay on as a member here thats what you think lol
its a fucking video ross. you watch the videos and do the exercises on the videos. generally people cant just start doing something without a tutorial its why people go to school to fly airplanes and become dentists. you arent born knowing how to build rocketships generally speaking so things like books and classes are necessary. p90x is a fairly easy tutorial to pick up and start doing for those of us who werent born rocket scientists. i dont know how to "work out...
still pluggin away just about done with week 3. started out being able to do like 3-4 pullups then week 2 was 5-6 and now i just did 12 "reverse grip pull ups" and 8 "closed grip pull ups" during the "legs and back" disk so im pretty happy about that. i didnt think i would ever get over 10 in any position. like i said i started out pretty pretty weak and not to mention tall and gangley but its definitely progress. my big container of protein came in the mail yesterday...
Quote: Originally Posted by vonWitzleben You dont need bright sunshine to get a healthier face color. E.g. I had some free time today and went snowboarding for a couple of hours. Unfortunately it snowed most of the time. Nonetheless this casted a healthy color onto my face. its pretty well known god radiates germany to get them ready for an eternity in hell
i just glossed through this shitty video but i didnt see any baking, blowjobs, or work that i dont want to complete being completed so i would have to disagree.
dont underestimate the anger
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