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ok i admit it i just want to talk about citizens of humanity pants for men in an environment where i feel i can express myself without fear of ridicule is that really so much to ask
im jewish what do you think
unless dave is selling the forum in guinea francs theres no way blm would be able to afford it even if the price was like $10
did you try harder?
the only way this forum would make any money is from referral links in the supposed good deals forum. not a lot of people paid to join this forum because you would have to be a fucking retard to pay to join a forum about pants. seriously. thats the #1 reason this forum failed. and the #2 reason is far behind that. the logic that you would save more money by accessing the mall and all the "good deals" may be true but it doesnt matter. hf isnt the monopoly it once was....
i put in the uhhh chest shoulder and tricep disk to see what its like and it looks a lot more intense than just the regular day 1 dvd. one arm pushups...weighted circles..and tony doing clap pushups where he launches his whole body off the ground and then "towel pullups' on the back and biceps disk dont look promising either.
i didnt pay anything..but no it only comes with the 12 or so disks and a couple written guides. you need to get the pullup bar/weights/bands elsewhere. this is the one i have and surprisingly its actually made well Amazon.com: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar: Sports & Outdoors
try to pick up underage boys what other reason is there for being on the internet
how much does "manager" pay?
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