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ive wanted a gun for a while but i have weak arms and a habit of blacking out so i thought it probably wasnt a good idea to purchase one. i considered getting a safe and putting the key where it would be hard to get or something but that would really defeat the purpose of shooting at blacks that are trying to rob me and whatever other various uses i would have for a gun like shooting in the general direction of people mouthing off to me or when the seahawks score a field...
at least it never admits lorna has been on
my stds are generally curable
theres a lot of "literature" out that would have you believe our missions to guatemala and various other hell holes are actually counterproductive and the direct cause of even more death, starvation, disease etc. just saying lets not jump to any conclusions
it has flavor theres no doubting that but i dont know what a handle is. the gin is either consumed or lost forever in the mess if thats what youre asking.
i still have this. does anyone know?
are you by any chance 70 and korean
not even close
what do you think his parents would say if he asked them if they would let him hack a fashion forum though. im guessing the answer would be a big fat no way!
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