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my parents chose wrong at birth
why cant we all just pretend to be girls and post exclusively in the rock and republic subforum 100 times a day
women on the internet lol
isnt the canadian dollar sliding hard against every other currency
straight leg doesnt really stack i dont think
i dont really wear diesel i can technically fit into a size 29 zathan but the only pair i own are size 31 larkee. after 2 months of wear my size 30 rescues are approximately waist: 17" rise: 10.5" thigh: 11" knee: 8.5" leg open: 8" context has pre stretch measurements that are generally accurate i think - CONTEXT CLOTHING - Free Shipping! and the waist should stretch 2-3" more than the pre stretch measurement
yars theyre apc rescues. if i could do it again id probably get new standard in a size smaller (29) as it stands new standard black will prob be my next pair. the size 30 rescues stretched out to a 34" waist or so and would probably stretch another inch if they were anywhere near my body
when you guys say "lose the undershirt" this is what you get i should also say that if the shirt was turned around (i.e. backwards) the look would be the same maybe worse o i almost forgot heres the bottom half
maybe it was parole day at county... i kid i kid
i did day 3 of week 5 today. anyone who talks shit about p90x not being about weights should go do the back and biceps disk and tell me how much weight they do for the strip set curls or whatever the last exercise is and how many "corn cob pullups" theyre rocking. i just got my body fat scale in the mail and it still says im 17% which isnt exactly fantastic but i dunno what i started at either ; /
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