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i just feel like the title is missing a "not" somewhere thats all
its canada everything you do is fucking retarded
Quote: Originally Posted by zzzzzzz have sex with women,and you will soon find out,my inquisitive friend how would penetrating women get me any closer to the answer to the question "are gaysex positions the same"
you know i was wondering if gaysex positions were the same
does this film try to prove the alternate theory that the united states is now bought and paid for by israel? because that would be pretty pretty difficult.
looking for peteralexia in your ass are you
ill be honest wif you that was VERY hurtful and i dont throw around "very" modifiers very often!
women are almost as bad at guessing penis length as they are with machines, computers, or money. ask a girl to show you what 6 inches looks like and theyll either point to a building or a finger.
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