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pee would be banned in a second on jawnz if mihalis didnt think it would just make it worse lol
camhabib as spiderman lol
no youre definitely missing something
personally i find him to be "very" cool
depends on how you feel about andrew dice clay
no each visitor only counts as a "unique" visitor once per month. if they come back then it counts towards total visitors. i.e. if someone goes to honestforum 100 times a month they would count as 1 unique visitor and 100 total visitors. if someone goes to honestforum.com 1 time then they would count as 1 unique visitor and 1 total visitor. i think anyway. you definitely want people coming back. im sure hf page views are waaaaaaaay down. ebays unique visitor traffic...
Quote: Originally Posted by MAGNUS i am having trouble holding my erection for more than 37 minutes during sex josh,can you help me? yeah try thinking about guys for a second and the erection should return
i write the blog in my diors and band of outsiders and then snap some pictures of it outside as though im leaving even though im not leaving im really just going back to sit. do the people that "leave" sufu go to another forum? i feel like maybe what they need is a flash opening with a lot of capes and draping and a lot of deep u neck vinyl sweaters. if they had that people would prob start coming back. whats bizarre is that hf gets like 2x more hits now than it did a...
wow this site is so gay (when i say gay i dont mean homosexual i mean like retarded or stupid so dont take offense plzkthx) if you type eluxury.com it automatically links to our save afrika one drop of aids water at a time affiliate link
normally i wouldnt make a thread about something as mundane as website statistics but since people are talking about dildo dogs and the downfall of the pants internet revolution forum i thought i would point out some nerdy ass shit. so put on your robert geller spectacles and lets discuss site traffic. you can check out a comparison of site traffic between hf, af, sufu, and whatever else you want here Site Comparison of authenticforum.com (rank #80,919),...
New Posts  All Forums: