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do you mean adding one subforum didnt revive the entire forum and bring 10,000 new users and 100,00 new posts? "very" surprising
neiman opens this friday in bellevue Bellevue Shopping | Bravern depends what youre looking for seattle has most everything
its a pretty big undertaking to keep up but i do my best plus authenticforum.com banned me so i dont have anyone else to authenticate my leather horseshoe tr's
i havent received my invitation to either wedding
tell cez to bump and lock more threads from 5 months ago with nothing but a link to an authenticity thread
what is life like for you on a daily basis?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 yes, but that last post was worthy of Ross himself. So technically it counts as 4 posts. ok i edited it 4 u
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 Really? Kind of a long post for someone who thinks there is no use in trying to resurrect the forum he just posted in. I mean you posting is kind of contributing to the actual act of resurrecting i.e. creating discussion, don't you think? i have maybe 15 posts in the last 2 months just trying to save u time
no fucking chance,ok
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