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trolling in its purest and truest form is a lot harder than it looks everyone thinks they can just sit down at starbux on their fuckin macbook pro and troll the shit out of a website and everyone will think theyre the most hilarious thing to hit the internet since cats. but i think we've all learned from pants websites such as this one or physical pants stores such as farinellis that trolling must be as subtle as it is on point as it is likable to be successful. the...
i was excessively crestfallen and rather despondent when i realized "shelley" on honestforum.com and "shelly" on authenticforum.com were the same person
no idea who you are sorry
normally i wouldnt but its taken 5 pages and no one has pointed out that apology is spelled wrong normally i wouldnt sorry
also what if "nav" isnt even the original user? everyone always says like "thats just nav" "this is just nav" "that isnt nav" but what if nav isnt the original funny little asian what if the original user is someone completely different
one of these days perhaps right before the apocalypse after all jews are returned to jerusalem i hope whoever is actually whoever finally cops to it so many questions in my brain about who is really who i would prob just refresh honestforum.com instead of hugging and kissing my family and two friends prior to the apocalypse hoping that the truth is finally known
hahaha skidder is rolling over in his grave
if you want to talk shit to people who used to frequent honestforum.com that can be arranged and by "people" i mean several guys
fly awaaaaaaaaayyyy
wings? really? lol
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