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My paypal addy is right. But my ebay add is wrong. Thanks for the help! But just to confirm: If they cant find my address. USPS will send the package back to the sender? (The seller shipped USPS priority w/o delivery confirmation)
Okay I recently bought something off ebay and I just realised that my ebay address is wrong. Everything is correct except I listed the wrong city, the street, postal code are all correct. Is there any chance that it will still end up at my door? Or will they definitely get sent back to the poster?
I am too. I just feel that mocking somebody just because he/she wears fake stuff isnt right. And the fact is, the only thing she had on that was definitely a fake is apparently the LV handbag, so its okay to immediately assume her entire outfit is fake based on this? Man, posting here with firefox is a pain.
I dont get it. Why are you attacking her like she murdered someone? "At which point, she will think to herself that people are merely jealous of her head to toe designer outfit." Isnt this a designer denim forum?
eh? So youre not a walking billboard when you wear RnRs with those big R's printed over your bum but youre a walking billboard when you carry a LV handbag?
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe i thought that was a given for everyone? why the incessant reminder? Because you're the only one that seems to be pissed off with his first post.
imo, I think all chris was trying to say, is that you can get more information on Nudie or APC denim at SF, rather than here. Which, frankly speaking, is true. Just as you can get more information here on Diesel, R&R, 7, TR, COH , rather than SF.
And thanaz is the only one with tapered leg while the rest are straight?
Okay, its been a long time since I last picked up diesels and I think I want another pair. Im looking at thanaz or slammer, something low rise, really slim, straight/tapered. 1)Are there any other cuts similar to thanaz or slammer? 2)Are there any other differences between thanaz and slammer? or is it just the zips? Would really appreciate info guys, thanks!
http://www.efashionhouse.com Legit? Anyone have any experience dealing with them?
New Posts  All Forums: