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thanks, i think i should pick them up because i already felt in love with the slammer 71J! Slammer is imo the best cut from diesel... what a shame they've stopped produce them!
NEW DIESEL Slammer 73H 32 x 32 BNWT $330 S/S 2008 - eBay (item 200446557822 end time Apr-03-10 17:23:51 PDT) what do you think about these slammers? They should be ok? what do you think about the price?
Thank you very much Evil Sushi! Then i'll get them
Hellou everybody what about these slammers, are they authentic? MEN'S DIESEL SLAMMER 8BG JEANS 32X32 32 MENS BLACK GRAY on eBay (end time 09-Feb-10 03:27:04 GMT) i normaly wear 32 x 32 on darrons and poiaks, should the size be ok? thanks for any help and sorry for the mistakes in writing.
thanks alot for this informations! i'll be watching yoox for the next time and with a little luck, maybee i'll find some slammers @Darnoc: You're right the Poiak pockets suck, i've already smash a zipper of them, BAD QUALITY! About the Riang i think its not the same cut as slammer because they're in section regular slimm - Poiak and Darron which are more similar to slammer ar in section slimm.
I'm looking a long time to buy some Diesel Slammers imo the best cut Diesel ever made (why the *u*k isn't Diesel to them anymore?!). Is E-Bay the only adress wher i can get them? I searched the whole web to find some in size 32 x 32 but don't found anything. Can anybody help me out?
you're welcome
hi volpinero this is my first post. i'm from switzerland and my english isn't the best. i've had the same problem like you, my zipper of my poiak was also broken. I've lost the small piece on your picture to close the zipper. The Producer of the zipper is: Lanfranchi Lampo Zippers - metal, moulded plastic and coil zips, pullers, pulls, sliders and tag RFID. I've wrote them to help out and got the missing piece of the zipper for free (it's the T3). Possibly they can solve...
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