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Songs, I would like to see some top ten lists. Top 10 Hip Hop, Top 10 Alternative, Top 10 Rap, top 10 90's songs, etc... Please post more than one list if you want, i'm really curious.
Ball Out ($500) ~ Blak Jak
Quote: Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 I hate the guy that are on top of you for like 45 minutes and still haven't cum!! After that long, get the hell off of me and let me sleep!! omgosh!! too funny, but I know what you mean. Sometimes, it's like 'you aren't done yet!!??"
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess LOL. Sooo funny and true. Or if they say, "Excuse me, can I have a minute of your time?", just smile, shake your head and keep walking. The one time I fell prey, I got suckered into buying this nail buffer thing that I have not used once since I bought it. Maybe I should re-gfit it? I actually liked hat kit, and that's the only kiosk I've ever been suckered into because my sister recommended it. I found...
Quote: Originally Posted by uwhuskiesrule Mdg1976 can I ridicule you for having a stupid fucking true religion avatar? well I liked his avatar, it stands out and I don't forget who he is.
TEENAGERS!!!! In groups, giggling, doing nothing, being silly, clogging up the already congested walkways..... This year Amazon.com is officially my best friend. I've ordered probably 60% of the gifts from there. But one of the best things about the holiday.... Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark. ( I wait till January and buy it on sale!)
beautiful, thanks for posting
Vega4. They are/were an alternative bank out of the UK. I fantasized about when they would go on tour again. I'm so sad. Their cd You and Others is incredible, I loved it the first time I listed which is really rare for me.
I have been waiting since last October, first for my verizon contract to expire and then when I was ready to pull the trigger, I started hearing the rumors about the 3G. But then I thought I had to wait till fall. So I am pretty happy with 7/11 and $299
I Mellow Meushroom a national chain? I like it fresh out of the over, but it's just okay when take out.
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