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That`s a good idea `but backpockets)
Ppl U will kill me, but I miss ASS Dragons!
anyway, this collection is similar to ss 08, if iˇm not wrong... there are interesting exemplairs) Cant wait to see em in person
IMO - too simple.
Sorry pals, but English is not mine mother language. Take it easy)) Anyway, what is a "Fair price" for POIAK 8sv now???
Hey everyone. I`ve scanned loads of topics, but didnt find anything about stretching denim back. My Poiaks 8sv is stretched alot, and I don`t want to wash em. How can i tighten them? I have Idea to put it in water and after drying it on hanger. It may possibly shrink back)) Any suggestions?
These ones Diesel Black Gold | Diesel Black Gold Soften-Up Removable Spat Shoes at ASOS or similar Diesel Black Gold | Diesel Black Gold Ever Distressed Leather Shoes at ASOS Also available in blue))
ok, clear ) Thenk You
Hi everyone! Could please somebody say something about Diesel`s moroccan denim? Especially about Thanaz8c9. Are they worse than italian ones???
Hey everybody. Bought my Thanaz 8LP last March, wore few times, then they were in closed for whole summer... and then I have found, that I lost 8 kilos and who knows when I weat then next time. Does anybody interested in buying them?
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