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who can find these shoes?! or even what are they called...pretty sure they're Diesel.
What yall think of this color Manny Chukka with the 8LC? I got these as a replacement for my now destroyed/worn out Baker Roasts thinking they'd go with alot..which they do...just unsure with this dark of denim. Frye Manny Chukka at Zappos.com I miss the color of my old Roasts since they've worn COMPLETELY out and can't find any more anywhere...they went with anything. Thanks yall......Bern
Fam bam........awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by luckee26 But i also just had a fam bam =[ Hrm....what exactly is a "fam bam"? The entire ordeal is even creepier to me because you live with just your family! If, lets say, you lived in an apartment and shared a washer/dryer with strangers then you'd have a freak on your hands no doubt.....but what if it's your little brother? OMG.....ewww
Quote: Originally Posted by ksedmonds moi on saturday: jcrew tank & khaki shorts @ the highest point on the AT in the blueridge You are too cute girlie!
Quote: Originally Posted by iluvshopin Um yeah.........I'm going to have to totally agree with BlueSmiley on this one!!!!!!! WOW!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by codese7en matching is for the birds. I'm "witchu" Hoss!!
82e and some Diesel belt Target shirt....ha Ted Baker Roasts
82e is the most versatile wash, IMHO, Diesel has ever made...anything goes with it..anything! My fave Diesel wash I've ever had. Or even seen. Pic it up if you can and if you see a Zathan in 31x30, grab it and i'll pay you..
Ted Bakers are the shiz!! I love my Roasts!!!!! I'm gonna order another pair just to keep with me for years to come....
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