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Hello, I need help from you guys! I'm looking for a Chanel Grand Shopping Bag in black, hopefully in new condition (looking to save a couple of hundred) It's my plan to surprise my wife on Christmas eve. Any help guys?
Hey where did you get it? I'm planning on giving my wife a Chanel bag for Christmas.
Quote: Originally Posted by TicoDiesel Its your own fault, saying what you are wearing with no pics is spamming, because it probably is bullshit, if you want to do that go to AF there is like a 100 page thread of pictureles WAYWT Pot calling the kettle black. I WILL post pictures and you'll be the only bullshitter left here (judging from your feedback)
Depends on which Nordstrom Rack you buy from. California NR has got a TON of inventory and good deals
Wow Moderator Cez1029....Thanks for the warm welcome to Honest Forum.
Anybody try Nordstrom Rack?? Last year's styles for $109 to $129 (where I get most of my R&R's)
BTW boots are fine but I don't like those boots. Try the Transcript Gavin boot from Nordstrom, they are pretty comfortable and looks good IMO!!
BTW anyone know anybody selling Timmen 88s in 33 or 34?? Thanks guys
LoL, no pictures people but I did end up not wearing my 55DSL's today, I ended up wearing scrubs to work (too many H1N1 patients) I got about 5 pairs of Diesel jeans 2 pairs of Diesel slacks 3 pairs of 55DSL slacks I'll try to put up pics when I have time....
Got My jackets at Nordstrom Rack Charcoal Lider leather jacket (at least the lettering and collar is) - $99 Khaki Black Gold Jiker jacket for $99 Nordstrom Rack is the best when they have new stuff (My go to store for Rock and Republics as well)
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