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Those look like real sample pairs.
I have two pairs but it depends on what inseam you need. Let me know if you're interested in them and I will list them in the mall.
^I agree
Those are fake.
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Agree. They are real.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* LMAO You totaly misinterpreted it... I'd = I would = I would smash Reread it. P.S. Thanks. You too. Over & out I always thought you were a hottie too Tee.
Quote: Originally Posted by biodiesel Ok, I'll ask... so why is your name Marshall??? It's so I can trick you all into thinking that I was a guy. =P Just kidding. This was my bf's account that he created. We shared it for a short period but now only I use it. I never made my own b/c I was using this one for so long that people became familiar with me. There are people who knew my bf under this name so they get...
Thanks everyone! To lose weight, I have just been eating healthier. I've completely cut back on eating out at restaurants and just make food at home now. I used to eat out for lunch and dinner everyday!! I haven't tried any exercising programs yet. I don't really have time to exercise =(. Plus I'm kinda lazy. lol.
Last week I said that I would post a picture in one of my sky dresses but I got busy. Sorry for the delay but here it is. This was taken sometime last year. This second one is not a sky dress but it's a recent picture of me. I lost 12 lbs can you guys tell? Do I look skinnier? I'm trying to be healthy by losing some unnecessary weight but not look like I'm just skin and bones.
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