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Quote: Originally Posted by csirip you wont find anything under a size 28 anywhere but here. or luisaviaroma. but only if you're patient, lucky, and most importantly, quick. smoochy, why did you hem them? and did you actually get the new 17cm model, or is it that they measure an actual 17cm? i hemmed them because they weren't tight enough to create a nice bunching effect. i wish i had wash/dried these beforehand. they shrunk rather...
Quote: Originally Posted by advancedart so that's why chris is wearing a 26 in these instead of a 27^ also they don't happen to have a w26 in either of the raws? (black or blue in 17cm or 19cm) I missed the ones on luisaviaroma damn i didn't know they had size 26. shit. i might have to get myself another pair. when i went to the dior store, the smallest size they had was 28 in the 21cm, 19cm, and 17cm.
I would size down as well. They stretch quite a bit. I always have to wear a belt with mine.
28. According to the salesman, I apparently got the last 17cm pair in that size in the US.
I just bought some 17cm dior raws. They seemed a bit large initially, but after briefly soaking them in water and drying them for about two hours, they shrunk a good deal to a TTS fit. I regret tailoring the length beforehand, but it's nothing a little stretch and wear can't fix.
Wow, old thread...anyways: The Fantastic Plastic Machine (The FPM) by Fantastic Plastic Machine In the car now. Listening to this will make you dance your sweet shibuya-keian ass off.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 did you find the thread in the chat section? indeed i did. i had kept using my honestforum bookmark prior. Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 oh - and i grooved to fantasma on my way back from asheville last night, it was great, thanks for the recommendation aye, a gem of a pop album it is. fyi: there's rumor of his new album to be released later this year. it'd be the...
figured it out. nevermind.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 my farco 85W 26's measure about 29'' around sorry it took so long, but i just figured out how to log in are you able to stay logged in without getting logged out via clicking on the banner and/or every other link?
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder they make these in 26w. they had a pair at the chicago store today... yeah, but i don't think they make 26x34 in male sizes. 27x34 is as skinny as it gets. i too would like a 26x34, especially if the legs are tight. i like the bunching effect.
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