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girls night out last weekend
for skinny jeans, try out genetic denim, rich & skinny (i just got a pair&i LOVE them!), or paige blue heights. never owned a pair of j brand, but everyone seems to love 'em
today at the diesel store in the dressing room. i ended up getting the dress. but i'm having second thoughts on keeping it. it's so gorgeous though!!
definitely real!
I don't get too many weird looks nowadays, but when I went to visit my cousins up in Colorado, her parents&family were giving me such dirty looks because I wasn't fluent in Vietnamese (I'm half Chinese/half Vietnamese. I'm taking Mandarin now in college because I want to go abroad next summer in Beijing (OLYMPICS BABY! ). Eventually, I think I might be speaking more Mandarin fluently than Vietnamese ;p. I've been debating whether to take Vietnamese class too, but my...
i agree with the other two. the inside tag picture is the dead giveaway. FAKE
All these BINs have free shipping! Too bad I'm broke, otherwise I'd grab some of these BIN: $65 eBay: Paige Premium Denim Las Palmas Laurel Canyon Jeans 24 (item 150129854928 end time Jun-12-07 11:36:15 PDT) BIN: $60 eBay: Paige Premium Denim Laurel Canyon Dark Clean Jeans 24 (item 150129855467 end time Jun-12-07 11:38:09 PDT) BIN: $60 eBay: Paige Premium Denim Hollywood Hills 24 Dark Jeans (item 150129856611 end time Jun-12-07 11:41:15 PDT) BIN:...
i really love bvlgari crystalline for me .. it smells so clean. and i love everything my boyfriend wears like salvatore ferragamo, mugler, and kiton
probably my paige tuscan las flores. they fit just right
Are these real Paige LCs in the Lagoon wash? If so, I'm excited because I get to trade a pair of Sevens for these beauties on Friday with another student on campus!
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