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Fedex does it but you'll have to have a license to receive the case. BLAH. Thanks for the input guys. My coworker is in Verona right now and I'm trying to help him out.
Not as merchandise but personal use. Just a case. Does anyone know the best way to go about it? Any help would be great. Thanks guys!
saw it yesterday, damn too short
HF needs a new and fresher looking skin.
i would go CO Bigelow and look at their perfume selections. They have some really cool parisian/artsy/boutiquey type brands that aren't mainstream. They're also a tad pricey, but the scents are divine! The bottles are really beautiful too.
no student loans for undergrad/grad (not available to international students anyways) cc about $150 i hate being in debt...
try to get the older version on ebay, the 24 in 100% cotton. the newer ones have stretch and are bigger.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirie But weren't those Hagers? Halite Jaggers are a lot prettier and definitely rare IMO. my bad my bad. i got confused
i dont know about rare esp when nordies rack flooded the stores with them a few weeks ago.
I wore mine today. theyre reallllllllllllllly comfy! i love the silk lining it really really makes wearing them more "luxurious" I bought a plain slim bootcut leg, in this wash thats kinda like R&R's whiskey wash --- dark blue with a dark sapphire sheen. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sexy. I got them on clearance at Macys, the best few bucks I ever spent. Since theyre dressy looking, theyre great for work too!
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