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I am not around much anymore, but i am so glad i decided to log on and check out chat today. you look beautiful! all of your pictures are beautiful. your baby is gorgeous! and congrats on all counts
It depends on the wash, to size down. but a lot of Becky's do run a size big. The overall fit of the Becky's is much more comfortable for myself. I love Joeys, but the rise and such is not in my comfort zone. All 3 pairs of my Becky's i love
what? do William Rast?
yes, it is. Shopbop never has an % off. woo-hoo!
Lorna, you always look so good
gorgeous pictures
+1, JD. well said
Revolve clothing, for sure
i haven't posted here in forever, and since i actually wore jeans this past weekend, thought i'd share\ me: ArdenB top Lowky 8IG CL by Laundry shoes DH: anthology shirt TR kentucky mud billys skechers
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