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Hi! I'm Sebastian It's been quite some time since I've been here last. PLENTY of new faces, but many things have stayed the same (mainly a few of the founding members that is). Hope to get a chance to meet some new people and create some new connections as well as tend to old ones. Cheers!
TalkShows! Been quite some time. Good to see a familiar face after roughly 7 years of inactivity.Great look as always. Cheers!
It's great to see how far you've come along!
Damn, looks like I checked in right at HF's last gasps of breath.
did merriweather's post actually get deleted? Seriously?
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh I love foreign objects in my rectum....squirming I will never understand you Josh
Quote: Originally Posted by 130_R seb should start some scandalous threads like back in the day I would be totally down if it were not for the fact that I barely know anyone on here as of late. Plus, I still see pictures from the first one I started floating around on random! Imagine the look on my girlfriend's face when she stumbled upon my "HF Panty Raid" folder....
Quote: Originally Posted by begret Hi Ceb how's climbing? Your friend Seven, alas , has been bfl (banned for life). Climbing has been great! I've taken quite a few more trips since the last time I've posted. The most recent one being the Red River Gorge. Back to the old stomping grounds for a few weeks. The most notable thing I've done so far is a climb over at the VRG on the blasphemy wall called the Fall of Man. Stellar climb. Easily my...
Howdy everyone! I'm doing great. I've spent the last year or so of my life trying to get it into order. You know, the whole "growing up" thing. It does seem like HF has slowed down quite considerably, but I'm sure it'll eventually pick up speed once again in time. I can't say when I'll be popping in next, but if any of you have facebook feel free to track me down!
Anyone I know still frequent this forum? Ah, the memories....
New Posts  All Forums: