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Is this an EBAY code or a paypal code? If ebay, where do I input it?
^^wtf, I'm speechless
I thought it was entertaining
Quote: Originally Posted by Audioteknika 54 is 38US. You sure about this? 54 (italian sizing) I thought corresponded to 44 (US sizing) which would be a large/extra large. I used to have a D&G sweater in size 54 (IT) and it was gargantuan on me and I wear a 40 in US chest sizing.
I think it's really funny that she's 5'2 or so. I always thought she was taller.
LOL, this is hilarious
The stock lens will do fine for probably 80% of the shots you'd ever want to take. Specialized lenses are key for the exacting person who wants that last 20% as well.
wtf do they look for in a CV? Retail experience? I have an engineering degree...does that count?
So we can walk in and get drunk off the free peroni? Is that the offer b/c if it is, I'm totally there.
wtf, that was $40?
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