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Thanks for all the suggestions! I hadn't thought of Earnest Sewn and APC. I'll definitely look into them. Keep the suggestions coming!
Thanks for the reply! I'm a size 32 for most brands.
Yikes sorry one last thing--Naked and Famous designs are nice too but I'm looking for something with a softish denim, not too rigid like most selvedge jeans.
Hey y'all,   I've been looking all over for a pair of dark, classic type jeans (for men) with clean pockets that can be dressed up to a certain extent. I'm trying to find some that are straight leg or slim straight (not too skinny), with a very dark blue wash (similar to the 7FAM blutar wash or the Diesel 8IL) and clean back pockets and clean everything. But so far fruitless--Sevens mostly tend to have some sort of design on the pockets, J Brand Kanes are perfect in...
I saw these "cigarette leg" Earnest Sewn Harlans in the men's section of a store and didn't think anything of it, but now I think about it I thought they only made those for women? Has anyone else heard of men's Harlans? Thanks!
Hey friends, Can anyone verify the authenticity of these PRPS jeans? $400 PRPS JAPAN Mens DESTROYED Jeans 32Wx32L NEW - eBay (item 110453505847 end time Nov-08-09 12:25:31 PST) Thanks!
Hey friends, I was thinking of buying something from this seller: eBay My World - fashionfootwear But wasn't sure whether their items are authentic--I can't really tell whether their photos are their own or stock photos. Does anyone have experience with these guys? Thanks a bunch!
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