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I believe dark eye circles are mostly hereditary and differ because of nationality (some cultures just HAVE THEM). I don't think there really is an effective cure, as even the most expensive creams like Strivectin have proven to only help mildly. Here's an article that used 6 diff people to test eye creams ranging from low to high, its pretty interesting! Total Beauty: content package p_eye_cream_test
I have a red Hayden Harnett, buttery leather bag that is getting little every day smudges and I'd like to be able to spot clean before the stains sink in. On the website they recommend Magic Eraser, anyone use this? Wouldnt it mess with the leather's texture? Also they recommend Coach's Cleanser for "scuffs", Even though I don't have scuffs, I ill try this, but wondering if it should be used with the moisturizer. I've used saddle soap before on a pink leather bag...
Sounds like you have open pores. An opening with nothing in it = a pore. Maybe you are being a little obsessive? How can anyone even notice if theres nothing there? Can you find a pic or somerhing to demonstrate? Im confused!
They say that the weight gain is due to hormones that increase your appetite. And its also a sort of medical myth that BC makes you gain weight. If you don't change your behaviors, you won't gain a thing. That said, IMO if one BC makes you sick, and this one is good but you gained weight, I say stick to it, and try to lose the weight in a different way than switching pills. Its alot easier than going on/off each diff brand and experiencing each set of side effects.
We want before/after pics! Glad to hear youre doing well.
I loved the Sephora lashes that come with one long set, one short one, glue and tweezers. I like to take a full strip and cut it in half and apply to my outerlids. Definately let the glue get tacky and don't open your eyes for a good 2 minutes or so otherwise you will be loosening the bond of the glue. and PS SMART women use foundation/concealer on their eyelids to set eyeshadow. :P
I have always liked just throwing on some very basic seasonings like oregano, garlic, chili pepper. Last time I made them and used a seafood rub (it had lemon,garlic,and some other spices).
I am doing it... started after the new year. Its my second week, I lost 3.4 lbs already I am doing the flex plan, good luck!
OK i have a confession: I am so tired of hearing skinny people with great bodies whine about their figure. As someone who has always been "bigger" I tend to never voice my negativities about my body, but it REALLY bothers me when I have to hear another skinny friend bitch about how she now weighs 135 lbs when I would kill to weigh that. Its probably wrong of me to think like that but Im really sick of hearing it. I watched the coming attractions (ive seen the show)...
agree with above. butt is an easy thing to build!
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