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@yebo: REAL.
@rainyspirit: looks good!
The holes on the back of those W32 Thanaz 71J look so systematic The BEST 71J wash is the first run from '05.
@wulfie: REAL. Good lap fading, fading near pockets, belt loop stitching, back pocket distressing.
Less talk, more pictures.
These jeans prove that just because clothes are expensive doesn't make them look good. Quite possibly the WORST wash Diesel has ever put out.
Cheap Basic Vikers - 34x32 Diesel Viker Jeans - eBay (item 260371853988 end time Mar-11-09 13:05:03 PDT) Viker 8JM - 31x32 - $109 BIN DIESEL jeans VIKER 8JM in SEA PLUMBER from Nordstrom 31 - eBay (item 140294135566 end time Mar-11-09 20:54:07 PDT)
ithinkigotadeal, you can usually tell just by the leather "D" patch on the back of the jeans and the stitching on the back pockets...looks good!
Um sir, that would be Jon Bon Jovi.
I want Slammer 73J sooo bad.
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