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Definitely NYD. I also really like Montana too.
Wow, great deal!!!
Not rare, but very nice!
Like others already said, they're definitely fake. Good thing your friend got them as a gift and didn't pay for them!
Congrats! Awesome deal!
Definitely real.
Quote: Originally Posted by katie my painted sigs are bootcut In the style #, if it's U076... it's flare. U075.... is bootcut.
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell ps nat: i got the stuff from dentist.net. I ordered it Thursday nite and it arrived yesterday (coming from CA to PA - incredibly quick delivery!) I am excited now Yay.....I always get my stuff super fast too! Glad I could help!
I want to see!
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell flare ^^^Laurie's correct.
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