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Quote: Originally Posted by avatar His mom is a diabolically evil and insane bitch. My buddy testified against her in court. LOL, Are you pretending to be my soon to be ex??? Im trying to keep a down low on the forums
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar My buddy's step-dad has incurred over $35,000 in attorney fees just to have the child custody battle decided - the divorce and the rest of the terms of it have not even been started. The sad thing is... When custody is involved. These numbers are accurate. I would pay every last cent I had to fight for my children. **** Note for the single..... Dont ever get married. LOL
Sorry you have to go through this. Search your community online for assistance. There are some sttorneys who will get the job done with a low retainer fee. Or work out a payment plan. If you need any help or questions PM me. I am going through a really bad divorce. Ive been through hell and back. And have learned quite a bit. Oh yeah, divorces can be realllllllllly expensive. But you have to fight for what you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiff Having someone kill him would be easier LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by barbie_az ummm...listen to your own advice. A big Freaking DITTO!!! WTF??? BTW, I love being called a dipshit! A little harsh dude. One of the many reasons I choose not to be a WAYWT groupie..... No A$$ kissing from me. No issues here, I enjoy seeing all the different styles. Not the attitude!
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder will all of you dipshits please just stfu and keep this garbage out of WAYWT... "dipshit" is my middle name. LOL Saying that in a funny way. NOT sarcastic. Everyone looks great!!! Too good for me to post!! LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep ^ you are a mod there too, are you not? Anyways, why is this such a big deal... there's no need to clog up WAYWT to protect someone who doesn't feel remorse lol... she doesn't care! Have a nice day, and remember to say no to cybersex Nothing wrong with watching style. No need to hate. Big Love!
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep I agree, she looks great with her clothes on. Thanks for PM'ing me about the state of the +/- of my post, as it is my main concern, and remember, say no to cybersex. Have you ever asked shopprncs about why she is incapable of expressing remorse and why sends nudes to and sexually manipulates men with developmental disorders, telling them that she can't wait to meet them so that they can do the nasty, but then makes...
Wow, those are some pretty sweet albums. My parents were lame. Pink Floyd, Niel Diamond, Kenny Rogers & Crystal gail is all I remember. My mom burned the 8 tracks when my dad left. I wish I could have seen the collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybean lol and you're advising against bums and murderers? Oh to be a west bloomfield bum! LOL, This is stirring up my West Bloomie memories.
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