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the crown on the right pocket on #4 looks a bit off to me. It seems to be really close to the seam but maybe it is supposed to be like that?
Okay i know a few of you are from Dallas so maybe you can help me! My mom will be in Dallas next month and she loves to shop and i asked her to get me a couple things. Where are the best places to shop in Dallas for jeans/designer clothes?
someone help i can't stop! Me in clothing: and me going out!
Quote: Originally Posted by maylin9 Me in R&R scorpions. I dunno. Okay did i miss someting?? were did u find those jeans?!
Here is me in some undies...
Ooooo i had fun with this! Mine seemed pretty accurate, although i think my boobs are a bit bigger.
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r brown knit beanie+random brown vneck sweater+random creme henley+abercormbie military jacket+SFAM Flynts+brown converses. to go walk out in this.. view from my window at about 930AM this morning.. Frankie you hottie! You look superb!!! The Flynts look AMAZING!!
I totally forgot that is was National coming out day yesterday until it was like 12:00AM. But i think everyone here knows that i like girls (and some boys). But if you didn't now you do!
Can someone authenticate these? If they look possibly real i will ask for more pics. Please ignore the poses.
'Marriage really is an institution...you have to be committed to it. and if that doesn't sound like a nuthouse i don't know what does" - Gene Simmons Okay i may not agree with Mr. Simmons but he does have a point :P. It is funny, he and his wife were never married but they have 2 kids and what seems like a great relationship after 20 years. I don't think there is a magical number of years people should date for before getting married. It all depends on the people...
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